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Voice Over Internet Protocol
Frequently Asked Questions


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol".


What does VoIP do? 

In it's most simplistic form,VoIP allows you to call another party using your internet connection.


How can I use VoIP in my business?

VoIP can provide your business with features normally associated with high-end phone systems without the high-end costs that are normally associated with a business PBX.  Some of the most commonly sought after features are call forwarding to internal/external destinations, menu systems to help route calls to appropriate departments internally/externally, voice mail that can even be reviewed over email,  call conferencing and hold music just to name a few.


What is a PBX?

PBX is an "old school" term that has stuck and stands for Private Branch Exchange from the days when there was an operator sitting in front of an enormous panel and physically patched a caller to their destination.  Today it refers to  the central "Brains" of the phone system in which calls are routed, voice mail stored and managed, calls confrenced, etc.  A PBX is a piece of hardware separate from the physical phones and in the case of VoIP, it is software loaded onto your hardware (computer or server) and can be extremely customizable. Hardware requirements for a VoIP PBX are fairly minimal and increase according to the size of your organisation.


Are there monthly costs involved in running a VoIP system?

Yes.  You must maintain an internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1).  Typically the higher the bandwidth the better. Also you need a SIP provider which provides the connection your PBX will use to connect your phones to everyone else.  Costs vary but are easily found for less than $30 a month with allocated minutes for long distance included for each SIP trunk.  You can have more than 1 SIP trunk depending on how many phone calls you would like to make concurrently.


Can I use a regular phone with a VoIP phone system?

Although the phones do look similar, there are significant differences and require specific phones such as IP phones or SIP phones.  These phone utilize the same connections or networks that your computers, servers run on.  The typical cost for this type of phone ranges from $100 for a basic phone up to $600 phones that have large LCD displays, capable handling up to 6 or more lines and numerous features.


Are VoIP phone systems reliable?

Yes.  We have had fantastic success creating reliable VoIP phone systems for business and commerical use.


What do you need to get started with a VoIP business telephone system? 

  • PBX - Computer or server. 
  • Phones - IP or SIP phones.
  • Internet connection - DSL, Cable, T1 or Point to Point wireless.
  • SIP provider - we can help you find one.

What does Texas Liberty Technologies, Inc. do with VoIP business phone systems?

  • We will show you options for your business phone system and let you know which hardware options are available that cater to your budget.
  • We show you where to find the best pricing for your hardware needs and setup your new VoIP business phone system .
  • We can sustain, administer and update your new or existing VoIP business phone system.

Give us a call and mention how you found us and receive your initial consultation for free.  We are easy to talk to. No obligations. 


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